PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about the Miramar map

Desert duking it out

PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about the Miramar map

Yes you can finally play PUBG Mobile's exciting desert map, Miramar, on mobile devices. Simply delightful. And in order to get you back into the Battle Royale action, we've typed up some fresh tips that will get you earning those chicken dinners.

If you're new to desert combat these tips will be invaluable, and important whether by yourself, in squads, or in the new Arcade mode.

Check out the tips below for the essential information on PUBG Mobile's Miramar map.

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Map selection

Now that both Erangel and Miramar are in PUBG Mobile, you can finally select between the two maps in matchmaking - or opt for either by highlighting both, of course.

You can play in Classic or Arcade mode, with Squads or by yourself, just as in Erangel, so most of what you already know will carry over to Miramar, of course.

Though, this is a different map, and as such, there's a few techniques and tactics you can adopt to in order to earn yourself the title of Chicken Master…

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Dressed to impress

It's a different landscape and this one definitely has a different colour palette and vibe. This means that, if you weren't already colour coordinating your fashion choices with the maps you play on, you should be.

It's a much brighter map than Erangel, meaning slightly lighter pale clothing will hide you well against the desert sands. The darker tones of the forests are gone, and you should adopt lighter clothing instead.

Keep in mind what shades you're up against too - if you're trying to be stealthy, lying in the open with dark clothes on a light floor won't help much.

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Open space

Miramar seemingly has so much open space where there aren't trees and grass, but instead just rocky hills. It's staggering.

So running between trees to take cover might not work out, however there are a lot of changes in elevation in Miramar. Essentially, you can let the ground be your cover - find a ridge of a rock and lay down near it so you're not in the enemy's line of sight.

Of course, if the enemy is overhead and you're down low, this isn't much of a tip…

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Staying high, taking cover

Solution to that last tip? Get up high, duh. We love getting high around here, it elevates our mind state to something more than ourselves, and gives us an excellent view so we can snipe enemies.

Rocks and mountains will often have a small area where you can climb up, and from here you can take your time and shoot down enemies running from danger in relative safety.

As long as you're up high, going prone practically makes you invincible - though you can't hang around up top forever…

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Crawling through

Just like in any other map, the last few moments of the game are likely to be spent getting low, and crawling around as not to be seen. Though, of course, that's not a good idea all the time.

If you're out in the open, don't stop and roll, charge to some sort of cover, keeping your vulnerable side to the outside of the safe zone.

I found myself crawling through the grass still, though it's not as useful as it was in Erangel. Get ready to throw grenades and rush your enemy's location once you've found where they're hiding.

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