Keep an eye on Gamescom Latam 2024 as Level Infinite is set to make a mark with PUBG Mobile

The PUBG devs will be in fine form it seems

Keep an eye on Gamescom Latam 2024 as Level Infinite is set to make a mark with PUBG Mobile
  • PUBG Mobile will be a big presence at Gamescom Latam 2024
  • Level Infinite will showcase new collaborations, thematic additions and more
  • Tencent has been focused on upping its Latin American presence, with the release of games like Honor of Kings in the region

It's summertime, and you know what that means! E3. Wait, it's been cancelled? Scratch that, it's gone permanently? Well, I'll be. I guess you'll just have to check in on the numerous other showcases taking place in 2024, case in point is Level Infinite's big appearance at Gamescom Latam.

Yes, the development arm of Tencent is going to be making a hotly touted appearance at Gamescom Latam, with big news on the way for their flagship title PUBG Mobile.

You can expect to hear more about upcoming collaborations in PUBG Mobile, and thematic additions to keep it fresh and exciting, and for you esports fans out there, you'll be glad to know we have big news on the way about 2025's PUBG Mobile Global Open!

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As one of their most popular games and a real top competitor in the battle royale scene, PUBG may have lost out on consoles against competitor Fortnite, but on mobile, it arguably rules the roost.

Big news in Latam

Moreso than anything else, this sort of news showcases that big expos like E3 arguably had the writing on the wall for a while now. With Tencent's big push into Latin America (remember, they released Honor of Kings there first before the rest of the world) we find it very intriguing that they're going to be making big announcements here.

What can we expect? Well, you'll either have to attend, tune in or keep your eyes on the news right here on to find out!

In the meantime if you need some games to tide you over as you wait, why not check out some of our lists? We'd be remiss not to point you to our comprehensive list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to show you just what we think is big on mobile!

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