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Project X22 is a new battle royale that focuses on 3-man squad-based combat, available now in early access in Brazil

Project X22 is a new battle royale that focuses on 3-man squad-based combat, available now in early access in Brazil
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To add to the massive number of options gamers have for mobile battle royale titles, a new team-based one is looking to throw its hat into the ring: Project X22. Currently only available in early access in Brazil, this new competitive battle royale is looking to change things up a bit and focus on 3-man squad-based combat alongside heroes with unique abilities and some other new interesting features.

The common bits of battle royale are all here, however. Things like a long, intense match filled with a vast number of players looking to loot their way to a comfortable loadout before they engage in combat with everyone else while a threatening ring slowly consumes the entire map. Where Project X22 looks to be a bit more unique though begins with the selection of characters.

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Each hero will play a big role in your squad composition, as they all come with their own appearances, abilities, and skills. These can range from things like a grenade ability to a zipline or teleportation, things of that nature. And if that’s a bit too close to the recently released Apex Legends Mobile for you, there’s one specific mechanic that has not been seen in the battle royale market that might just truly separate X22 from the rest.

The Ghost Mode function will really throw a wrench into the usual features, as it allows dead players in your squad to freely flow about the entire map and offer up the information they find to their squadmates. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to keep this balanced and not totally overpowered, as it sounds extremely powerful on paper.

If you’re looking to try out the freshest battle royale on the market, you can download the early access client for Project X22 right now on Google Play, but only in Brazil. Currently, there’s no news on a global release or an iOS port, but it’s a safe bet it’ll happen pretty soon after the Android version fully releases.

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