Konami blog hints at Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for iPhone

Just in time for the World Cup

Konami blog hints at Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for iPhone

The World Cup is on its way, and the world of video games is already cashing in. Just today EA's Fifa World Cup 2010 hit the App Store, while Pocket Gamer news editor Mark Brown is with Exient in Oxford as I write looking at X2 Football 2010.

Now Konami seems to be getting in on the action with a long overdue iPhone version of its legendary Pro Evolution Soccer.

It's not confirmed, but a post by producer Alex de Rouge on Konami's blog drops a few hints.

“The Paris studio was built around the PES Franchise several years ago”, writes Alex, “and so far the team has successfully developed PES 2008, 2009 and 2010 on the mobile platform. We're building on our experience and are ready to face any new challenge we're offered.”

Axel continues in this vein, while in the photograph accompanying the post not one but two iPhones lie on the desk before him.

It's not a cast iron certainty, but if you're a gambling person, and in the unlikely event that a bookmaker offers odds, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 coming to iPhone is looking like a fairly safe bet.