PES 2010 iPhone hits the App Store, £5.99

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PES 2010 iPhone hits the App Store, £5.99

In case the sound of baying louts hasn't reached you yet, the FIFA World Cup 2010 started at the end of last week. EA, X2, and Gameloft have been on the pitch for a while now, limbering up to capitalise on the big event, but so far Konami's PES 2010 has been stuck in roadworks just outside the stadium.

Not any more. In the nick of time, or just after it, PES 2010 has hit the App Store. This is the first Pro Evo game to come to iPhone, and against the backdrop of waning fortunes for the console franchise expectations are high. On Java the Pro Evo series was generally considered the best of the football games, so Konami will be hoping to reproduce its mobile success on iPhone.

The App Store description boasts - in Konami's words - unrivalled realism, the most advanced player and team AI on the market, stunning graphics, and an inclusive 'true flow' control system that makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels.

PES 2010 iPhone allows you to take part in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, and it lets you either play as a club or a national team.

Current App Store user reviews are mixed, with one user complaining of an iPad upscaling issue that indelibly imposes the keyboard on the screen. The graphics are praised, as is the licensed content.

PES 2010 costs £5.99, making it the priciest of the football games.

Pocket Gamer will give you a full and thorough review very soon.