FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off on App Store

New Zealand wins the toss

FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off on App Store

Given that New Zealand is making something of a rare appearance at this year's World Cup in South Africa, it's perhaps fitting that the country is the first to sample EA's latest edition to the FIFA franchise.

2010 FIFA World Cup's release in New Zealand signals that its release in the UK and the States is approaching at pace (we believe it has something to do with the Earth spinning around the sun, or something), with its UK debut expected at midnight and a US release pencilled in for 11pm EST.

EA's blurb suggests all the features you might expect will be there, with the standard tournament set-up joined by John Terry's favourite, 'Captain Your Country' mode, where players take charge of just one player and try to lead their nation to glory.

Expected to retail for £3.99 here and $6.99 in the US, the title naturally marks EA's first World Cup release on the App Store.