Revolutionary controls for iPhone Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, new screens

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Revolutionary controls for iPhone Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, new screens

As reported by Touch Arcade, Konami has been talking about its upcoming iPhone version of PESfor the iPhone and iPod touch on its blog, and has released a couple of screens of the game in action.

Whilst the latest entry talks about the camera, the previous update is perhaps of more interest, discussing as it does an intriguing control method.

PES 2010 will allow players to take full advantage of the device, and play without virtual controls (though the option to reinstate them is, of course, included).

"The unique one-touch mode with accelerometer and multi-touch comes with great AI assistance so to ensure the best possible gameplay experience. This is a new way of approaching controls for a football game."

Says Alex De Rouge, PES producer and head of Konami's Paris studio. "Of course we have more core gamer controls as well, with virtual buttons and all, allowing you to perform pretty much all of the PES classic moves!"

Based on the one-touch control method that Konami debuted in its mobile version of PES, the interface could provide a genuinely effective way of enjoying football on your phone with minimum compromise.

Further good news comes in the form of player licensing, which Konami has confirmed (via Touch Arcade's forums) will be comparable to the PSP. It's also given some insight into the game's performance, stating that there are about 100 animations for player and goalkeepers in the game.

Have a look at the images in the gallery to see how it's shaping up.