PoP heads to PSP

Prince of Persia hops, skips and slashes his way back to the future

PoP heads to PSP

You’d think being the Prince of Persia would be a pretty easy life. Piles of riches, a big castle, cooling drinks of sherbert and as many camels as your heart desired (shurely dancing girls? - Ed). But not according to Ubisoft. It’s a rotten life, full of being chased by huge monsters, impaled on sharp spikes and chopped up by hidden traps. Good thing, he’s got the power to travel back in time and avoid death.

Only in the PSP version of Prince of Persia, you start off the game a dead man who washes up on the island of the underworld. And it only gets worst because you’re being hunted by the Dahaka, an immortal incarnation of Fate which is seeking divine retribution. While the final disaster is you might have played the game before anyhow because it’s based on 2004’s Prince of Persia Warrior Within console game.

Doesn’t sound like a promising start but Ubisoft has promised it won’t be as awful as all that. For one thing, the PSP version isn’t a straight port of the console game but will feature redesigned levels as well as new areas and additional puzzles to keep you fresh.

As for the Prince, despite being dead, he’ll come prepared with a PSP-friendly combat system which will let you develop your own fighting style. He’ll also have a new projectile attack system to take out enemies from long-range before getting upclose and personal. And, of course, the trickery of the Sands of Time mean you’ll be able to go back and overcome any mistakes you make on the way to try and overcome fate and become undeaded.

Prince of Persia for PSP will be out in December 2005, unless he makes a mistake unleashing the sands of times and finds himself back in 1828.