Ubi firms up Prince release

A ‘revelation’, plus new screens of PoP in action

Ubi firms up Prince release

It’s somewhat self-explanatory in this case, but Ubisoft has revealed that the PSP version of Prince of Persia Warrior Within will actually be called Prince of Persia Revelations.

The revelations concerning the PSP version seem to revolve less around major plot changes and are more about the addition of new puzzles, maps and redesigned levels. There will also be an all-new combat system, adding better melee and ranged weapons, as well as tweaking the dual analogue stick control of the console version to make sure it plays well with the single analogue stick (or nub, if you prefer) of the PSP.

But as you can see from the newly released screens, whether or not the new control system works, Prince of Persia Revelations is certainly looking like being one of the prettiest slash-up-evil-demons-and-save-our-souls-from-certain-death games we’ve ever seen.