Swallow your way to victory in DS' Prey The Stars

All You Can Eat Special

Swallow your way to victory in DS' Prey The Stars
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Even after all these years in games journalism, we have to admit we've still no idea where Japanese gamemakers get their inspiration from.

The latest game from Koei is a case in point. It's called Prey The Stars. To us that sounds a bit gothic, maybe involving vampires. Or perhaps 'The Stars' bit could refer to intergalactic travel? Combine the two – it's a stylish horror game set on a space station, right?


According to a source on the inside, 'It's basically a game where you have to eat everything.'

Excuse me?

'The more you eat the better your eating ability. For example, at first you might only be able to eat bits of furniture. As you get better, you can eat entire buildings. And the faster you eat, the better the chance you'll have of beating the other three characters. It's probably better explained by the attached screen shots. And it will be playable by four players all competing against each other.'

Oh. Right. Now we get it....

So there you have it. Prey The Stars – a cartoon caper where you have to scoff everything in sight as quickly as possible. Think of it as Pac-Man meets... no, eats, Katamari Damacy.

Currently on a 'see-food' diet, Prey The Stars is due to hit the scales of your local games emporium sometime this autumn.