Postknight 2's epic story to continue with upcoming update that explores Dev'Loka: The Walking City

Find the dark secrets that lurk beneath the surface of this charming city

Postknight 2's epic story to continue with upcoming update that explores Dev'Loka: The Walking City
  • Postknight 2's epic story continues with the upcoming update Turning Tides
  • Explore the Walking City of Dev'loka, take on new enemies and explore a new story
  • Find new sets, challenge new enemies, get new pets and even more!

Postknight 2's epic storyline is set to continue in its latest update, Turning Tides. You'll face off against new enemies, wield new weapons, explore a brand-new area and more. And the best part? You don't need to wait long at all, as this update launches in only a few days; July 16th!

But first off, what's included? Well, the biggest addition (by our measure) is the arrival of a new area to explore. Dev'Loka the Walking City is a technological and magical marvel where the ruling families live in luxury, but dark secrets lurk just below the surface, quite literally.

You'll explore the city of Dev'loka in the new story Ripples of Change, where you'll work through the Undercity to foil plots and challenge powerful enemies. This will also bring the Helix saga to its climax.

New content being added to Postknight 2 And what else?

But, of course, to battle your way through these kinds of enemies you'll need something to help out. But don't worry because this update introduces new sets like the Amber and Aqua potions to help you take on maniacal machinery and creatures which populate the undercity.

Next up is the new S-rank Exam you can undertake, and two new pets with the wickedly talkative Wickwalk and the charmingly sophisticated premium pet, Sanguin. All of this and more that you'll just have to discover for yourself in Turning Tides, releasing for Postknight 2 on July the 16th.

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