Poly Vita is an upcoming puzzler for iOS about guiding a woman through her dreams

I'm getting Monument Valley vibes

Poly Vita is an upcoming puzzler for iOS about guiding a woman through her dreams
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Poly Vita is an upcoming puzzle game from independent developer Alejandro Zielinsky with a lovely aesthetic that draws more than a little inspiration from the likes of Monument Valley. It's available to pre-order now for iOS and is set to release on March 17th as a premium title.

It's the developer's second game to release on the App Store, the first being the endless platformer Pocket Climber. Poly Vita is a different genre altogether, aiming to be a relaxing puzzler with a one-time price rather than the free-to-play model Pocket Climber had.

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The game aims to take players on a journey through a variety of beautiful locations as they solve numerous puzzles to help Maya find soul fragments in her dreams. The objective of each stage will be to build a path that links to each of the aforementioned soul fragments.

There are 30 different levels in total, with the developer promising that each will be thought-provoking and a good challenge. Each stage is presented from an isometric perspective on a small floating island. It has a lovely art style that suggests the developer is a fan of Monument Valley and other similar mobile games.

The game will also have an original soundtrack. This appears to mostly be a beautiful, haunting and yet laid pack piano that accompanies you as you build the various pieces of the path during each level. You can check out some gameplay and the music in the embedded video above.

Poly Vita is available to pre-order now over on the App Store ahead of its launch on March 17th. It will be a premium title that costs $3.99. 

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