Pokemon Unite adds Leafeon as Eevee Festival continues

Pokemon Unite adds Leafeon as Eevee Festival continues

A few weeks ago, Pokémon Unite introduced the Eevee Festival, a massive event that is set to bring all of the fox-like Pokémon’s evolutions to the MOBA. We’ve already seen the addition of Umbreon, and now Leafy is also set to join the mix on June 7th. While there isn’t much to go off about the Pokémon, we do know that is a Speedster with higher than normal Attack and Defence.

Based off some of Pokémon Unite’s recent tweets, we have a brief idea of Leafeon’s moveset. Here’s a look at everything we know about the Verdant Pokémon’s license and skills:

Razor Leaf

It deals a double whammy to opponents as Leafeon launches five leaves that slash through Pokémon and damage them, dealing even more on its return path. The longer the way, the greater the damage. Plus, if all five leaves are on target, players get an extra shield.

Leaf Blade

Leafeon slashes at the enemy with its sharp claw while decreasing its movement speed in the process. Then, it unleashes an outer leafy ring with does increased damage if the opposing Pokémon is trapped within it.

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Solar Blade

The Pokémon gathers the energy of the sun and the longer it charges, the greater the damage dealt. If players manage to completely fill their gauge, the next cooldown is reduced and the blade instantly does maximum damage.

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Unite Move

Finally, Leafeon’s Unite Move, called Emerald Two-Step, boosts its movement speed while severely damaging the opposing Pokémon. It sees the Leafeon leap into the air and land on the designated enemy, attacking it and everyone else in the surrounding. The closer foes are to the AoE, the harder they’re hit.

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