Pokémon Unite’s latest update adds the adorable Dragonite to the roster

Pokémon Unite’s latest update adds the adorable Dragonite to the roster
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Today, Pokémon Unite adds the absolutely adorable dragon Pokémon – Dragonite to its roster. This new melee all-rounder has landed in the MOBA and will make quite a strong member with its twisters, comets, fire, water, and electricity. Dragonite begins its journey as a tiny Dratini who evolves into Dragonair at Level 5 and finally turns into Dragonite at Level 8.

For all the three Pokémon, every third basic attack is boosted alongside a reduction in cooldown period for Pokémon’s other moves. With each evolution, the basic attacks also evolve, becoming stronger and showcasing different effects. As for the boosted basic attacks, Dratini’s blasts water on other Pokémon, which damages them while healing Dratini at the same time. Dragonair can deal either a water attack with the same bonus as Dratini or an electric attack, which stuns the opposing Pokémon temporarily. Finally, Dragonite’s boosted attacks include the above two effects and also a fire attack that deals extra damage to the opponent. To check how well the new Pokemon will fare, check out our tier list of best Pokemons!

The list below which summarizes the moves these three evolutions can learn:

  • Dratini – At Levels one and three, Dratini can learn Twister, which deals damage and reduces movement speed and Dragon Breath, which boosts Dratini’s next move after striking an opponent.
  • Dragonair – Twister can be upgraded to Dragon Dance, which improves Dragonair’s damage, movement speed, and basic attack speed for a short duration. Extreme Speed is the second AoE move that the Pokémon can learn.
  • Dragonite – It can use Hyper Beam to deal loads of damage to the opponent. Dragonite can also use Outrage, an AoE move that triggers the effects of the last boosted basic attack.

Finally, Dragonite’s Unite Move, Draco Impact, sees the dragon Pokémon fly high into the air before landing into an area with comets dealing damage to all enemies in that zone. The higher the Pokémon goes, the stronger the move is. Also, Dragonite is immune to hindrances during its Unite Move.

Get your Dragonite license from the shop by downloading Pokémon Unite for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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