Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its third anniversary with the debut of Ash and Pikachu

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its third anniversary with the debut of Ash and Pikachu

DeNa has just announced that it is celebrating the third anniversary of its popular mobile game Pokémon Masters EX. The three-year content update will include a tonne of novel features like new sync pairs, game modes, events, and rewards. But something to look forward to is the debut of possibly the most iconic Sync Pair in Pokémon history.

In Pokémon Masters EX’s anniversary update, the anime series’ protagonist Ash and his trusty Pikachu will be added to the game as an Electric-type Sync Pair. Pikachu will have moves like B Thunderbolt and Best Buds 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt as well. The formidable duo can be obtained via the Fair Scout until October 16th so don’t miss out!

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In addition to getting the unit for yourselves, players will also be able to interact with Ash. In the Blazing Battle with Ash, he will participate in Lear’s tournament which features numerous stories and battles. Other than that, players can take on Ash himself in an exclusive Challenge and through Daily Training as well, where they can win numerous rewards.

The birthday celebrations do not end there, though. Two more sync pairs will join the long roster – Sygna Suit Cynthia and Lucario on August 29th and Sygna Suit Red and Pikachu on October 2nd. Even Giovanni and Persian are making their return. On top of all of that, a new game mode called Trainer Lodge is also available now, which is a social place where players can hang out, discuss stories, give each other gifts, and make friends.

And finally, onto the freebies, players will be able to add up to 100 Sync Pairs for free just by logging in regularly until September 14th. Launching the game on ten separate days will add 10 tickets each time, totalling 100. Another login bonus that will be available until October 2nd is 3,000 Gems, with 3,300 more for those to log in for 14 days from now until September 14th.

Add Ash and Pikachu to your squad now by downloading Pokémon Masters EX for free.

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