Pokemon Go is celebrating Valentine's Day 2023 with a tonne of events and rewards

Pokemon Go is celebrating Valentine's Day 2023 with a tonne of events and rewards
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We’re already into February and everyone knows what that means. The season of love is upon us and it is time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a date planned or are looking for date ideas, Niantic is hosting a celebration for everyone in Pokémon Go, with a bunch of new events and Pokémon to catch.

Pokémon Go’s Valentine’s Day 2023 event will take place between February 8th and 14th. It featured the debut of Mega Gardevoir, who will be found in Mega Raids. Like those Community Day event rewards, if players manage to evolve Gardevoir into Kirlia and finally into Gallade, they will receive a Pokémon that knows the Charged Attack Synchronise.

A special Timed Research called Lovely Wishes will also be going live. It features a branching story with differing rewards such as extra XP and Candy for catching Pokémon or increasing the Daily Adventure Incense duration. Ultimately, both branches lead to the same root, an encounter opportunity with Frillish.

Players can also participate in the Global Valentine’s Day Challenge, where trainers can celebrate love by sending gifts to all their friends. The ultimate goal is to send 100,000,000 gifts and if that is achieved, players will receive a number of bonuses such as 3x Transfer EXP and 2x Transfer Candy XL until the remainder of the event.

On February 11th, a Limited Field Research will also be held, featuring Luvdisc. Spinning PokéStops will unlock certain tasks that will grant encounters with the Pokémon. Finally, the item shop will also contain new avatar items like the Frillish Top and Glasses, and a number of new stickers to share with everyone. They will all remain available after the event too.

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