Pokemon Go welcomes Necrozma to Go Fest 2024

The Prism Pokemon will appear in raid battles

Pokemon Go welcomes Necrozma to Go Fest 2024
  • Necrozma will be part of all in-person and global events in raids
  • Other Shiny Ultra Beasts will be part of raid battles
  • Necrozma t-shirts up for sale as well

Things are getting heated up in the world of Pokémon Go with the highly anticipated Pokémon Go Fest 2024 fast approaching. Niantic has planned a tremendous amount of content for trainers around the world as they participate in in-person events at Sendai, Madrid, and New York, as well as a global event. All this comes with the exciting opportunity to add special Pokémon to your collection that is not only Legendary but an Ultra Beast as well.

Say hello to Necrozma, the Prism Pokémon, who will make its Pokémon GO debut in raid battles during the event. It will be present in each phase, including Sendai, Madrid, New York, as well as the global event. Ultra Beasts have been around in the AR game for a while now, and the Go Feest 2024 offers you with a shot at adding another one to your squad.

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But that's not all - other Ultra Beasts will show up as well. Trainers who emerge victorious in Ultra Beast Raid Battles will be awarded encounters with other debutants - Shiny variants of Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree. These elusive Shiny Pokémon will be part of the Global event, with ticket holders for in-person events also having the chance to meet one of the three Shiny forms based on their location.

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There’s an extra treat for all you attendees as well. The official event T-shirt will feature none other than Necrozma. Show your love for the Prism Pokémon and commemorate your Go Fest experience with an awesome T-shirt to remember the occasion.

pokemon go fest 2024 tshirts featuring necrozma

The Pokémon Go Fest 2024 will kick off in Sendai between May 30th and June 2nd, followed by Madrid on June 14th to 16th, and New York City between July 5th and 7th. Ultimately, it all culminates on July 13th and 14th in the massive global event.

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