Pokemon Go will feature Mega Rayquaza in Elite Raids soon

Get your hands on the legendary Pokemon soon

Pokemon Go will feature Mega Rayquaza in Elite Raids soon
  • Mega Rayquaza will be featured in Elite Raids on June 29th
  • Free Timed Research will grant meteorite required for the mega evolution
  • Purchase an Anniversary Box from the Pokemon Go Store for loads of resources

Niantic has just announced another edition of Elite Raids in Pokémon Go, bringing yet another legendary Pokémon to the fray. This time, Mega Rayquaza will be part of this special category of raids, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on this powerful Pokémon. 

Elite Raids featuring Mega Rayquaza will take place on June 29th, with four different slots to battle the Pokémon. Both afternoon and evening slots will be available, offering plenty of time and opportunities to add this legendary Pokémon to your roster.

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If you're hopping back into Pokémon Go after a while, then here’s a refresher on what Elite Raids are. They’re a different take on Raid Battles that begin from special Raid Eggs. Once the egg hatches, a Raid Boss appears for 45 minutes. 

Since they’re different from regular Raid Battles, you cannot use Remote Raid Passes to compete and everything must be done in person. So, it’s best to gather a group of your friends and head to the gym. Then once you beat Mega Rayquaza, you should be able to catch it.

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Besides this, you can also take part in a free Timed Research that grants you access to Meteorites. Mega evolving Rayquaza isn’t a straightforward task as it requires more than just Mega Energy. Before mega evolving it, you must first teach it the Charged Attack Dragon Ascent, which requires meteorites to learn. Complete the task, learn the move, and Mega Rayquaza is all yours.

You can get ready for this event by checking out the Pokémon Go Web Store. Currently, there’s a special Anniversary Box up for grabs as Pokémon Go is about to turn eight. For $4.99, you can get your hands on three Remote Raid Passes, one Incubator, and three Premium Battle Passes.

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