How to get Pokémon GO in the UK right now

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How to get Pokémon GO in the UK right now
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As you might have seen, Pokémon GO is out now on the New Zealand and Australian App Stores and for some US readers.

“But how do I download Pokémon GO?”, I hear you cry.

Well cry no more and read on…

How to make a New Zealand iTunes account Pokemon GO

To download Pokémon GO right now, you have to make a New Zealand iTunes account. To do this, check out our guide on how to access soft launched games.

Then just download it over on the New Zealand App Store and you'll be ready to catch 'em all.

How to download the Pokémon GO APK on Android Pokemon GO

Officially, Pokémon GO is out right now on Google Play wherever you are. But here at Pocket Gamer we haven't managed to get hold of it just yet, with Google telling us it's not yet available in the UK.

However, if you click this link from your Android device, you should be able to download the game's APK file and play to your heart's content.

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