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Pokemon GO Smeargle and how to catch it

Smeargle will swear on the Precious

Pokemon GO Smeargle and how to catch it
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Smeargle isn't regular in Pokemon GO, meaning you won’t find them wandering around the world, waiting to be captured. Since this Pokemon is non-conventional, we figured we’d put together a little guide to aid you in catching Smeargle in Pokemon GO to help complete your collection. Recently, I have caught one, just in time for the Johto Collection Challenge.

But first, let’s talk about Smeargle

In Pokemon GO Smeargle is a generation 2 Pokemon, from the Johto regen. It is a Normal-type painter who looks a lot like a little artist, which is why Smeargle is known as the “Painter Pokemon”. In the core games, Smeargle has a unique move called “sketch” that allows them to copy an attack used by its opponent, permanently. Similarly, in Pokemon GO Smeargle will have the same moves as the Pokemon you are taking photos of when it appears.

Pokemon GO Smeargle

How to catch a Smeargle in Pokemon Go?

When it comes to catching a Smeargle in Pokemon GO, you need to start taking pictures of your Pokemon. Clicking on any Pokemon in your bag will bring up its page. On this page, there is a small camera image on the upper right-hand side. You can click this to bring it out in the world. You will need AR-enabled and have to move your camera around the area, waiting for shining spots to appear.

Once you see these spots, you can tap to place your Pokemon. From there, you can start taking pictures. You’ll need to wait until you are done, then tap the arrow in the top, left-hand corner of the screen to exit. The next screen will show all of your photos - you’ll want to scroll through these looking for a Smeargle - which won’t be hidden in the picture - instead, this Pokemon will appear over quite a large part of the screen, photobombing you!

You can tap on the Smeargle photo and then exit the screen. Smeargle should then appear in the world, like a normal Pokemon, waiting for you to tap and capture it!

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