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Pokemon GO Snorlax's best moveset

Pokemon GO Snorlax's best moveset
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When it comes to Pokemon Go, there are some Pokemon that you will just see more, as they tend to hold gyms for longer and are powerhouses when it comes to health. Snorlax is one of these, although he still didn't make it to our list of the best pokemon in Pokemon Go. If you are trying to take them out of a gym, it will take you quite some time. As this Pokemon is seen as more powerful, it might be worth ensuring your Snorlax has the best moveset in Pokemon Go.

Snorlax's best moveset

Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokemon, which means it is vulnerable to fighting types, which deal 160% damage. It is also resistant to ghost type pokemon, which deal 39% damage to it.

When it comes to the best moveset for Snorlax, it will depend on if you want an offensive moveset or a defensive moveset. The best moveset for an offensive strategy are Lick (10 DPS) and Hyper Beam (47.4 DPS). The best moveset for a defensive strategy is Zen Headbutt (10.9 DPS) and Outrage (28.2 DPS). None of these moves needs a specific TM in order to learn these moves, and you can use the New Attack button on your Pokemon, as long as you have enough candies and stardust.

Why is the good Snorlax moveset important?

When it comes to battling in gyms or taking on other players, you will want a good moveset. You can use these attacks when fighting gyms, often to flip the gym, or take out the existing team to add your own Pokemon in. This is often done as it’s the only way to earn the premium currency without paying. You can also take on Gyms in Raid battles, which allow you to attempt to catch the special Pokemon featured.

If you are fighting against Team Rocket Grunts, Leaders or the head of Team Rocket, you might also want to have a great moveset, so that you don’t struggle. I know taking on some of the Leaders and the Team Rocket Head can be a challenge, especially when needed for a quest! If you are battling against other players in the Pokemon Go League, having a good Snorlax moveset will ensure you can do more damage than depending on luck.

Hopefully, with these moves, you are able to ensure that your Snorlax can take on whatever Pokemon they come up against. There is also a nice guide on Groudon in Pokemon Go, that we can advise you to glance.