Pokemon Go's 6th Anniversary Event Ultra Unlocks are now available

Pokemon Go's 6th Anniversary Event Ultra Unlocks are now available
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Today, Niantic’s AR-Pokémon adventure, Pokémon Go has officially turned six years old. Even after over half a decade, the game shows no sign of ageing and the content just keeps coming. Players are treated to new events month after month and this week a special celebration is taking place in Pokémon Go to celebrate its sixth anniversary. You can read more about it in our recent article.

In case players have forgotten, Niantic had already revealed this year’s revamped Ultra Unlocks. Different events had unique global challenges and if players managed to complete them, a future event would be upgraded to its Ultra Unlock version. Over the previous weekend, Pokémon Go Fest was held in Berlin where players received numerous tasks which they successfully completed.

As a result, the Ultra Unlocks have been made available for Pokémon Go’s sixth-anniversary event as well as the upcoming Battle Weekend. That means, on top of the already available rewards, players will be able to earn new goodies, encounters with other Pokémon, and so much more. If you took a peek at the original anniversary celebration poster, a Pokémon was missing, and while veterans would’ve already guessed who it was, it was revealed to be Pansear.

The first Ultra Unlock bonus is the inclusion of the High Temp Pokémon Pansear, who will appear in the wild and in raids. Next up is Unown E, which can be battled in raids. The bonus timed research will feature Rotom-W.

Moving onto the Battle Weekend, a tonne of Ultra Unlock bonuses have been revealed. Players can expect 5x Stardust from the Battle League, one extra Raid Pass daily, more XP from Raids, more Stardust from defeating Team Rocket, and a lot more. In addition to this, starting Pokémon from multiple gens will learn new moves when evolving as a bonus.

The Pokémon Go anniversary fest will run until July 12th. Download Pokémon Go for free by tapping on one of the links below.

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