5 iOS and Android games like Pokemon GO

Servers down?

5 iOS and Android games like Pokemon GO
| Pokemon GO

Playing Pokemon GO, but the servers have got you down?

Maybe you're looking for something that will scratch the same itch. Maybe that's how you ended up on this here article.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy because there simply aren't many games that offer the same thrills as Pokemon GO.

At least not successful ones. Location-based games always flop, and augmented reality hasn't been a thing for years.

But here are a few games you might enjoy, depending on what you like about Pokemon GO in the first place.

"I love how it turns the real world into a game"
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Check out: Ingress

This location-based game is what Niantic made before it got the go-ahead to take over the world with Pokemon GO. In fact, all the PokeStop data comes from Ingress.

This one is about cool hacker dudes, rather than fluffy monsters, and has you capturing portals instead of taking over gyms. But, like GO, you'll have to go out and about to play the game.

"I like how it gets me to exercise"
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Check out: Zombies Run

For some, Pokemon GO provides the first opportunity in years to go outside, see the sun, and use those weird "leg" things attached to your body. And that feels kinda nice.

Zombies Run lets you take it to the next level. It encourages fitness through regular walks or runs (up to you) - and as you exercise, a zombie apocalypse story is piped into your earphones.

You'll even get to do some stuff when you get back home, as you build up your shanty town for your survivors.

"To be honest, I just wanted to play Pokemon on my phone"
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Check out: Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

There have been a bunch of games for mobile that attempt to ride the Pokemon band wagon. Games about collecting colourful critters and then using them to fight turn-based battles.

One of the best, however, is Adult Swim's Rick and Morty tie-in, Pocket Mortys. The game has you collecting Mortys from parallel dimensions in a cute, funny, and genuinely enjoyable RPG.

"No, I mean I want to play POKEMON on my phone"
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Check out: emulators

Oh, in that case you're going to need to get an emulator. That's easy peasy on Android: just search the Google Play store for a Game Boy emulator, download the ROM from some dodgy site, and then turn yourself in to your local police station you filthy criminal.

"What?! I don't want to be arrested!"
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Check out: Pokemon TCG Online

Oh, in that case, you'll want an official Pokemon game for mobile. And the best solution is this digital rendition of the trading card game that everyone went nuts for in 1998.

It's got all your favourite monsters - Sandshrew, Pidgey, Trump, Brexit, Ponyta - and actually has a sharp strategic backbone and a huge collection of cards to play with.