iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 33

Speciation, lawsuit consternation and rumours born of overactive imaginations

iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 33

Chris may not be with us this week (he’s struggling against the elements and forcing down tapas in Barcelona right now) but our sense of the absurd is keener than ever.

Ask yourself this, is inter-species breeding offensive? Is it more or less offensive than crushing fluffy white bunny rabbits into claret coloured pancakes? If forced to engineer one over the other, what would you choose? Got your answer? Okay, now ask yourself: do you really want to listen to a podcast that chews through these sorts of banal conundrums?

Course you do, because when we are not indulging our inner idiots, we are making lots of sensible noise about iPhone games, which this week includes, Duke Nukem and Sandstorm: Modern Combat.

We also take a journey deep into the dark heart of the rumour mine, where we unearth the most ridiculous rumour yet, and take the time to talk through the games we’ve been enjoying over the last seven days.

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