iPhone gaming Podcast: Episode 10

We bid you to join us, there is no other way *mwhoohahahahaaaa*

iPhone gaming Podcast: Episode 10

Yep double figures already, next stop 100 (not that we’ll be stopping after that, just pausing briefly to have a party).

This week we take a look at two top tier console titles that are making their way over to the iPhone as Hands-On Mobile announces Prey and Bethesda pledges its intent to invade the App Store.

We also take the time to pore over some gorgeous footage of SciFly II and Firemint Street Racing, both of which are set to spearhead the iPhone’s imminent second wave of high profile home-grown licenses.

In the reviews, we get busy with some good old fashioned hell raising in Payback, a dose of alien blasting in Blue Attack and some much needed noggin scratching in Fantastic Contraption.

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