Pocket Partner from Hyperbeard is now available on iOS, coming soon to Android

Check it this cosy new life-sim on your platform of choice!

Pocket Partner from Hyperbeard is now available on iOS, coming soon to Android
  • Pocket Partner, the new life-sim game from Hyperbeard, is out now on iOS
  • Check it out on the App Store and build your own digital friend!
  • The game is coming soon to Google Play

Ah, the life simulator. Did the team at Maxis think of just what they were sparking with the release of the Sims in 2000? Well, regardless, this genre of the 'digital dollhouse' remains one of the most prevalent today. And the latest studio to throw its hat into the ring is Hyperbeard with Pocket Partner, a new digital friend-creation sim that was put into pre-reg a few weeks ago.

A decidedly more low-key affair than other, more grand-scale life sims, Pocket Partner looks to take more from smaller-scale fare like Animal Crossing than more ambitious games like Inzoi.

Out now for the iOS App Store, with Android soon to follow, it boasts a sort of pseudo-Tamagotchi style of gameplay where you build a virtual space for your own digital friend. Dress them up, take photos, decorate their virtual living space and more in a quite literal interpretation of the 'doll' part of 'digital dollhouse', as you watch them interact with their virtual world through cooking, dancing, gardening and more!

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Sounds good to Mii

Yes, we're getting distinct shades of the old Mii characters you could make on the Wii and 3DS. Again, not implying this is a rip-off, but the idea of having smaller-scale digital alter-egos or doll-like characters you can dress up and watch interact with their virtual world is certainly something we feel people have missed out on since the closure of games like Miiverse.

We also like the look of Hyperbeard's art style for the game too, with a distinctly 90s-ish style of low-poly characters and a colourful palette. We're excited for people to get to grips with this game, and see how it's received.

But if life sims aren't your thing then don't fret, because there's a whole lot more out there to play. Why not get started by looking through our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)?

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Iwan Morris
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