Build a tower and keep your lackeys happy in Pocket Minions for iOS

Should be submitted to Apple soon

Build a tower and keep your lackeys happy in Pocket Minions for iOS
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Good news, folks: SiuYui Games's Pocket Minions, which we posted a trailer for a few weeks back, is almost ready to be submitted to Apple's infamous approval process.

For those of you who are yet to view the trailer, Pocket Minions is a medieval-themed tower-building strategy title in which you recruit peons, hunters, wizards, and more in order to repel enemy forces.

Unlike similar games, Pocket Minions charges you with interacting and looking after your band of workers and soldiers to keep them happy. A neglected serf will begin to steal supplies rather than create them, for example.

If your maids quit their cleaning duties and your wizards refuse to expel the ghosts from your dead peons that haunt your tower, its productivity will grind to a halt, so you better be on the ball.

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