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Please, Touch the Artwork, the Zen puzzler about abstract art, is out now on Android and iOS

Please, Touch the Artwork, the Zen puzzler about abstract art, is out now on Android and iOS

We’ve all read the sign “Do not touch the artwork” in museums and art galleries. However, Thomas Waterzooi has something else in mind. He wants everyone to break the rules with the release of his award-winning zen puzzler Please, Touch the Artwork on Android and iOS. It tells the tale of two lovebirds finding each other, unravels the origins of pure abstract art, and transforms the big city’s emotions into poetry.

Please, Touch the Artwork brings to life the paintings of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists - Piet Mondrian, who is regarded as a leader in the development of modern abstract art through a Dutch movement called De Stijl. If there was someone who could make simplistic straight lines and right angles look awe-inspiring, it was Piet Mondrian.

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The only goal of the game is of course, to touch the artwork, and players can enjoy doing this while listening to a jazzy soundtrack. It features over 160 randomly generated levels that include some of Mondrian’s famous works like Compositions with Red Blue Yellow, Broadway Boogie Woogie, and New York City. Each painting will have their own unique gameplay and puzzles and they will also dive into the story about the premier abstract artists.

Please, Touch the Artwork is set to keep players engaged for well over two hours with no time pressure to solve puzzles. It also features multiple accessibility options like a colourblind mode and larger text. Alongside the PC and mobile versions, a Nintendo Switch edition is also in the works.

If you like breaking the rules and want to finally get your hands on the forbidden artwork, then download Please, Touch the Artwork on the App Store and Google Play. It can be downloaded for a premium of $4.99.

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