Please, Touch the Artwork is coming to iOS, Android, and Steam on January 26th

Please, Touch the Artwork is coming to iOS, Android, and Steam on January 26th

Please, Touch the Artwork - the award-winning title from Thomas Waterzooi - is coming to both iOS and Android devices (and on Steam) this January 26th. The narrative puzzle game features a zen experience made possible through a jazzy soundtrack and stunning visuals, and the only way you can succeed in the game is, of course, to touch the artwork.

Please, Touch the Artwork lets players explore the ins and outs (and hidden stories) of paintings over 150 puzzles. A Nintendo Switch release is also planned for later this year, and you can pre-order the game now on the iOS App Store for a special discounted rate (20% off).

The game features procedurally-generated headscratchers that are based on Mondrian paintings. This includes Compositions with Red Blue Yellow, Broadway Boogie Woogie, and New York City. There will be about two to three hours of playtime that players can breeze through or take their time with without any kind of pressure. It also features some accessibility options which include color-blind and larger text.

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If you're eager to give the game a go, Please, Touch the Artwork is available to download on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices (have a look at the embedded release date announcement trailer above to get a feel of the gameplay). You can also head on over to the official website for more info, or join the community of followers over on the official Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest developments. You can also discover more about the game on Steam.

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