PlayDate sells over 150,000 games, netting half a million in revenue

The handheld device utilises an unusual crank on its side

PlayDate sells over 150,000 games, netting half a million in revenue
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  • The quirky handheld console the PlayDate has sold over 150,000 games on its inbuilt store
  • The PlayDate has also sold over 70,000 units since launch
  • It boasts an unusual side-mounted crank used in games, and in-built dev-tools

Quirky handheld console the PlayDate has sold over 150,000 games via its store, with an estimated revenue of $544,290.12 after it first launched in March 2023. Additionally, the console itself has sold over 70,000 units, although only around half of all total players have made a purchase on the store.

You may remember the glowing praise we've lavished on the PlayDate in the past, and the numerous game showcases showing off just what the device has to offer. With the weird crank on the side and the built-in dev tools, the PlayDate is a cut above some of the other indie handhelds on offer.

A date with destiny
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Yes, 150,000 is not exactly an impressive number, considering how big mobile is compared to every other platform. However, as you may've guessed we here at PocketGamer cut our teeth early on by covering many of the great handhelds that have been released over the years. Sadly, many of those have since gone the way of the dodo, so the idea that there's a new, exciting handheld console making waves (no matter how small) is a reason for us to sit up and take note.

The PlayDate has managed to push itself into headlines with games like Lucas Pope's Mars After Midnight, but it still remains a pretty niche product, what with its monochrome display and the whole deal with the crank. But here's hoping this helps prove there's still a market for dedicated gaming handhelds even in a mobile-centric world.

But, if you're simply not fussed about the PlayDate then don't worry. Because regardless of your tastes we've collated some of the best mobile games right here on the site. Check out our regular, weekly feature of the top 5 mobile games you need to try and be sure to take a gander at our list of what's great in 2024 (so far).

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