Play Together is bringing as players ring in the new year

Play Together is bringing as players ring in the new year
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Haegin has just released the final update for the year for its casual mobile social network game, Play Together. This patch brings some snowy fun to players as a winter-exclusive snowball fight begins. This is accompanied by a countdown for the new year as everyone gears up for 2024. Loads of souvenir items and fireworks will be available over the next few days.

Kaia Island was already decked up for the winter and Christmas, and now, it’s time for one last event. A thrilling snowball fight contest called is going live for everyone to participate in. An igloo has been added near the Plaza area, which the players must enter if they wish to take part. Players will then face off against other users while sporting a variety of snowball-fighting gear.

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An entire battle guide has been created for, which will be granted by the NPC Pengu, who can be found near the igloo itself. Several quests will be available and clearing them will offer loads of items like the Snow Ghillie Suit and Snow Goggles. It’s a good way to upskill yourself while gathering resources at the same time.

In addition, the Camping Ground’s Plant Our Planet Campaign Zone has been decorated with loads of vibrant lights for the winter. This comes as a joint effort between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Korean Committee for UNICEF, and the Korea Forest Service. It began on April 27th and has seen over 200 million players participate in all the events.

Finally, players can look forward to the countdown to the year 2024, which begins at midnight New Year’s Eve. The NPC Haru has a lot of 2024-themed items prepared and players can go with their buddies to enjoy all the fireworks to bring in the new year.

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