Play Together brings the mystical Icy Fish to the game as the seas freeze

Play Together brings the mystical Icy Fish to the game as the seas freeze

While the holiday season may be over, the chilling winters remain in full swing with Kaia Island still feeling the effects. The icy cold weather in Play Together has caused the surrounding seas to freeze. This isn’t so bad because it has also brought about the mystical Icy Fish that has finally graced the casual mobile social network game.

The Icy Fish in Play Together are just like their name suggests. They are a group of aquatic animals in white and blue colour, resembling creatures that look like they are made up of snow and ice. There are a lot of them, totalling up to 30 species that may be caught either during the wintertime in the sea or in other waterside locations such as Camping Grounds and ponds.

Icy Fish are mesmerizing to look at and players should not miss this sight at any cost. From the Snowflake Harp Seal that wears a scarf to the Snowy Right Whale that has an igloo on its back, several fish are waiting to be caught.

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Ice fishing is not just a leisure-based activity as players will also be participating in multiple different missions. The more fish they catch, the higher the number of points earned. Gathering enough points will allow players to win items such as the Floating Fishing Glacier vehicle, which can perform efficiently even in the coldest conditions, making it perfect for the winter seas.

Besides the fish, players can get their hands on Solid Ice Boxes either from fishing on or through Event and Daily Missions. They contain coins required for the Icy Bing event. On completing the board, players will get items like the Winter Sailor Costume among other rewards.

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Tanish Botadkar
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