Draw out your own platform games in new Kickstarter project Pixel Press

The physics are sketchy

Draw out your own platform games in new Kickstarter project Pixel Press
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Have you ever wanted to build your very own retro-tinged platform game but found yourself thwarted by an inability to code?

Well, Pixel Press could well be the app for which you've been waiting your entire life. Or something.

With Pixel Press, you see, developer Roundthird offers you a simple-looking method of turning a precise sketch of a level into a fully functioning platformer.

Before Pixel Press makes it into your hands, mind, its creator is going to have to attract sufficient donations on Kickstarter to get it off the ground.

In Pixel Press, you print out a piece of graph paper; draw in the hazards, platforms, and obstacles with a pencil; snap a photo of the finished product with your iOS device's camera; and let the app do the rest.

Different lines and squiggles on the paper result in different things. A straight line becomes a platform, for example, while a jagged one correlates to a row of spikes or lava.

You can add different textures and design elements to your level to make it unique. And once it's created, you can upload it and share it with your friends to see if they can beat your scores.

In practice

Right now, though, this is all sort of theoretical, which is why Roundthird has turned to the crowdfunding community on Kickstarter for assistance. It's looking for $100,000 to turn the Pixel Press idea into reality.

Given this is a Kickstarter campaign, there are some pretty interesting stretch goals listed.

If Roundthird attracts $150k in donations, for instance, users will be able to upload their own sound effects and art styles. Should Pixel Press attract $350k, however, Roundthird will develop an Android and Ouya version of the app.

If all of that sounds like something you want to throw money at, you know what to do next. Yep, got it.