Pirate Ship Battles sails onto the App Store

For all ye land lubbers

Pirate Ship Battles sails onto the App Store
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| Pirate Ship Battles (iPhone)

Whilst today's pirates have ditched eye patches, hooks and parrots in favour of AK47s, developers such as Digital Chocolate's Sumea studio are keeping the old-fashioned pirate stereotype alive with their latest app Pirate Ship Battles.

Pirate Ship Battles involves, yeap you've guessed it, battles in pirate ships to the tune of the classic board game, Battleship.

You can engage with 14 different pirate characters as you attempt to navigate through tropical islands in three different game modes, including Campaign, Quick Mode and Hot Seat, also known as multiplayer.

Most of your time will probably be spent in the Campaign mode, directing your fleets as you look for treasure and with 12 different fearsome fleets to defeat you should be kept nice and busy.

Add in the ability to purchase special weapons and new vessels and you should have the makings of some pirate fun. That is assuming you can make enough gold from plundering and gambling.

We gave the mobile version of Pirate Ship Battles a Bronze Award, so here's hoping the iPhone incarnation can do the classic Battleship game just as much justice.

Pirate Ship Battles is available now on the App Store for £1.79/$2.99/€2.39.