Pikmin Bloom hosts a month long event that encourages players to visit their local sushi restaurant

Pikmin Bloom hosts a month long event that encourages players to visit their local sushi restaurant

The popular AR game Pikmin Bloom, from legendary developers Niantic and based on the popular Nintendo franchise, is hosting a very adorable event throughout the month - a Sushi based celebration. This month will see plenty of new Pikmin arriving in-game that are all themed and dressed up like various flavours and rolls of sushi.

While the Pikmin Bloom gameplay mechanics will not be altered or changed in any way with this update, that’s not really the focus of Pikmin Bloom anyhow. Instead, Bloom is meant to be a very relaxing and serene type of AR game, with only a few challenges here and there. And what’s more relaxing than a nice roll of sushi?

Though this is mostly a cosmetic event, there’s a bit more depth here than that. The notes for the launch of the celebration come with a ton of facts about sushi, and really this event is meant to just celebrate the history of the legendary Japanese dish. The primary selling point of the event is that the spawn location of these special Pikmin will be around sushi restaurants across the world, so if you’ve got one near you, keep an eye out as you play.

Alongside the event is the launch of the latest update, which is primarily a bug-fix and quality of life improvement patch. It adds in smaller things such as loading screen tips that can help you find your way through Pikmin Bloom’s mechanics, an improvement to the skip function during the birth animation of new Pikmin, and a display bug for the expedition badge. So, nothing too big, but a nice cherry on top of the event.

In case you aren’t familiar, Pikmin Bloom is an AR game in the same vein as Pokemon GO, that sees the player walking around in real-life to gather up new Pikmin and use them for various tasks located around wherever you may be. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, or if you’re looking for another AR title to play alongside Pokemon, check it out for free on both the App Store and Google Play.

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