Harmonix contemplating the iPhone

Phase a possibility, or something ‘more ambitious’

Harmonix contemplating the iPhone
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Site ars technica has been chatting with CEO of Harmonix, Alex Rigopulos (of Rock Band fame) about the company’s direction and future plans for existing and new brands.

Of particular interest to us pocket gamers is Rigopulos’s apparent enthusiasm for the iPhone. Toward the end of the interview, he says:

“Believe me, we're looking at the iPhone. If we take a stop on that platform, we want to do it right, so we're thinking about the specific attributes of the iPhone so we can make it the right step where we can make the product that's the right product for that platform.”

Although rhythm games like Tap Tap Revenge have proven massively popular and surprisingly playable on the iPhone, when Harmonix gets a mention around here our thoughts immediately turn to the superb music/playlist powered iPod game, Phase. Anyone who’s played that excellent, Silver Award-winning game will undoubtedly have wondered when (not if) Phase will appear on the iPhone.

“We could just do a port of Phase, but I'm wondering if there isn't something that's more ambitious that we could do as well. I don't think we have any specific plans there yet, but needless to say, we're looking at it,” comments Rigopulos.

Although it’s not the announcement we might have hoped for, it’s reassuring to hear that a port of Phase hasn’t been ruled out, and a ‘more ambitious’ project than such a superb and platform-suitable game would be entertaining indeed.

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Spanner Spencer
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