Tap Tap Revenge for iPhone hits 5m downloads

And 100,000 people are playing the premium versions

Tap Tap Revenge for iPhone hits 5m downloads
| Tap Tap Revenge

Tapulous says that more than five million people have downloaded its Tap Tap Revenge game from the App Store, and that on one day alone in December it added 200,000 users.

""When we started the company, people asked us why we didn't focus on SMS and WAP, and some rolled their eyes when we told them our goal was to get to 1 million users in 18 months," wrote CEO Bart Decrem in an email to investors.

"Six months after launch, we're at 5 million users."

In the email, Decrem also says 100,000 people have upgraded to one of the premium versions of the game - Tap Tap Dance, Christmas With Weezer or Tap Tap Revenge: Nine Inch Nails Edition.

Meanwhile, he confirms that the game's official sequel, Tap Tap Revenge II, will be released in early February, promising that it "will bring the innovations of Tap Tap Dance and some other great new features to the free game".

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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