Jodie Marsh, Petey and Jaydee get together on mobile

Aliens and other exotic bodies join forces in games line-up

Jodie Marsh, Petey and Jaydee get together on mobile

Taking the National Enquirer approach to mobile games, Danish developer Kiloo's latest line-up includes conspiracy-baiting alien adventure Petey and Jaydee – Go Exploring alongside the bare-faced flesh-baring of Jodie Marsh – Photo Shoot.

Based upon warring animated aliens (big in the US and currently appearing in short-form on BBC Three), Petey and Jaydee – Go Exploring casts you in the role of Petey and demands you steer a UFO through a forest. The spin is that you have to try and actively smash the hapless Jaydee into oncoming obstacles whilst avoiding collision yourself.

Talk of two bulbous alien bodies competing for attention segues rather nicely into Kiloo's other impending release Jodie Marsh – Photo Shoot, a reaction-based challenge where you have to focus the camera and snap a roll of film even as the glamour model writhes seductively on screen. Regardless of whether you think Jodie is the best thing since Jordan or rougher than sandpaper coated in wasps, keeping a steady hand could be tough.

Both games are nearing completion and boast a wide handset compatibility list, but as yet no specific UK release dates have yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, we're still eagerly awaiting the first fruits of Kiloo's Lego licensing deal with Lego Blocks and Lego World Soccer, set to arrive soon via Hands On Mobile.