Pet Sematary game undercovered on App Store

Stephen King tie-in out now

Pet Sematary game undercovered on App Store
| Pet Sematary

It’s close to Halloween so surely time for a Stephen King tie-in on the App Store?

Indeed, Paramount has dug up an old film licence, providing us with a Pet Sematary game.

As tends to happen when multi-faceted novels are converted into other media, it’s become a top-down shooter, in which you have to rapidly tap on resurrected pets and small boys to shoot them, while saving the adults who charge around the levels seeking safety.

To be honest, it’s doesn’t seem to be very sophisticated - but perhaps as an impulse 99c purchase, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Each level lasts a swift minute long and you can acquire power-ups along the way to boost your points score, which is shared via online high scores and Facebook.

Pet Sematary is available now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Hit the Buy It! button to see how deep you have to dig.
Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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