Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about abilities

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about abilities

Use abilities for best effect

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In Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga, you have more options than just tapping away at blocks to win games. You can artfully use abilities to set yourself up for crazy damage to blocks and blow objectives away easily.

But you should be careful with your ability use. You have to use them for maximum impact, and save them for the moments that truly count.

In this guide we'll outline everything you need to know about the four abilities in Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga, and how you can make the most of them.

Why use abilities?

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Abilities in Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga allow you to transform your bad luck on block drops into a masterful play, and they will save you when you think all hope is lost.

With that in mind, before we even think about using abilities, we should remember to reserve them for those particularly tough stages where they can really make a difference. If you can clear the stage without an ability, you should do so.

The main reason for this is that abilities are finite. You won't be using them in every stage, so using them in low level stages will just be detrimental long term.

But they really, really can help. Abilities appear at the bottom of the screen, and tapping them will often allow you to select a block on the grid, and that is where your ability will be used.

This can easily turn an abysmal situation covered in obstacles into a breeze as you blow blocks away. While some abilities will just smash through blocks, others you can use to set you up for big combos, and of course, big points.

There's nuance to these initially obvious abilities, so read through our explanations of the four abilities in detail in order to use them for maximum efficiency.

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Hammer and bombs

These two are the most obvious abilities to use, and can also be the most useful.

The hammer will chip away at a single block. This is great for finishing an awkward obstacle you need to clear, an objective, or just making way for a big combo.

The bomb meanwhile will just unleash a massive explosion. The use of this is simple destruction, and will be better aimed at clusters of obstacles.

Double rocket

This is a bit trickier to use. This works just like combining two rockets on the grid, it'll shoot off in a single row or column in both directions.

It's a little underwhelming when compared to something like the bomb. This one is, like the hammer, best reserved for those situations where you need to achieve something specific, like there's a row of obstacles that need to be removed.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga


This is by far the best ability if you're preparing for some serious damage to the blocks.

It's simple, the reorganise ability will highlight an area on the grid, and then organise the blocks so matching colours and patterns are all connected, offering up bombs, rockets and much more.

This is great for eliminating block barriers, or just to smash through objectives. You can easily organise so you get bombs and rockets touching, which can blow the stage away even better than the bomb ability can in many scenarios.

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