Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga cheats and tips - Getting more energy and playing for free

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| Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga
Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga cheats and tips - Getting more energy and playing for free

Everything you need to play for free

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King's new Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is out now, and we've already smashed through dozens of stages.

If you're looking for more energy so you can keep trying those tougher stages, we've got the guide for you.

Here we'll detail the best ways to get as much energy as possible without paying out of your wallet. Because no one wants to pay up when they're playing a free to play game, right?

Read on for everything you need to know about playing without paying in Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga.

Improve home base

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

One of your secondary goals in Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga will be to improve your home base, where your rescued animals will live.

You'll be improving your home over time by adding more animals and building new rooms to offer new facilities for your animals.

But wait, you want more energy, right? Well that's exactly what this is here for — over time, taking care of your animals will replenish your energy so you can go back to solving puzzles.

That means that even when you get stuck on a really difficult level and keep losing lives, you won't need to cough up your precious gold bars, the game's premium currency.

No, instead go into your home base and see what your animals need. They have a variety of options, and even a few wardrobe improvements you can add. More can be bought or earned over time in-game.

The animals can even go fishing. Fishing reveals a reward, but is hidden behind a cooldown timer. 8 hours for smaller animals, and a whopping 24 for the larger ones. Fishing requires patience, after all.

But this will eventually give you more bonuses, energy, and the ability to build new rooms in the house, so you should ensure there's a cooldown ticking away at all times.

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More animals

Of course one thing that will improve your energy gathering at the base is more animals, so you should take those whenever you come across them.

They are usually a reward for certain difficult stages which include an animal trapped in a large box, with you funneling the box down through the stage.

You can also gain animals as rewards. A good stack of animals will make gathering multiple energy much easier.

Need fulfilment

Once all of the animals are back at base, it's time to harvest them. Or, harvest their energy, at least.

They'll have wants, which pop up above their heads in little bubbles. It might be a wardrobe change, or a new ball to play with. Some of these cost coins.

Once you've satisfied them, you'll get a nice energy boost allowing you to play on a few more times.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Pay up

Well, this isn't the answer you wanted, but if you really need energy in a pinch, you can use your gold bars.

This isn't recommended, but it's an option if you're desperate. Remember, this is premium currency, and will be difficult to come across without paying real money yourself.

Games are fun while they're free, but it's easy to lose sight of how much we pay when we play.

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