Bring about penguin domination by killing creatures with antonyms in Penguemic

In its final days on Kickstarter

Bring about penguin domination by killing creatures with antonyms in Penguemic

Speaking in technical terms, Penguemic is tower defence merged with a card battler. But that paints the entirely wrong picture.

So scrap whatever image that conjured up and replace it with that of a noxious bear farting on a small, attractive penguin until the penguin dies. That's a little more true to the wacky world of Penguemic.

Penguins are fed up of being the laughing stock of the world and have set off on a global trek to prove their worth. As such, they battle the indigenous creatures of each region.

Oddly, these battles are done through words.

On the left of the screen you'll have your base to defend, and stop the creatures from reaching it as they walk from the right. Each of them has a word tied to them that affects their form and their attacks.

You're tasked with picking out the antonym to that word from your penguin cards, so that they may defeat them in battle.

The enemies will keep coming, and your cards will keep switching. Sometimes you won't have the antonym, so you'll have to make do with the closest you have, and then buff them up with extra spells like a flood of water, or a weighty seal pup.

You can try out Penguemic's browser demo for yourself, and if you enjoy it, consider backing the game's Kickstarter.

Fear not, Penguemic's iOS version isn't a stretch goal, for once; it's one of the originally intended platforms.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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