Peggle iPhone gets Peggle Nights expansion in-app purchase

Warning: Update breaks the game for some players

Peggle iPhone gets Peggle Nights expansion in-app purchase
| Peggle (iPhone)

PopCap has released an update to addictive peg-bashing time-sink Peggle, chucking in a few more levels, challenges, and characters.

Previously seen on the PC, Xbox Live, and DS versions of the game, the Peggle Nights expansion is all about having a peek at the dreams and ambitions of the snoozing Peggle Masters.

Bjorn the Unicorn wants to become a super hero, the Alien dude wants to be a champion bowler, and Tula Sunflower dreams of going on her hols.

The game is bumped up with 60 new levels and 60 additional challenges, as well as Marina the Electric Squid - a brand new Peggle Master. Her special power shoots a bolt of lightning from the first peg down to the free ball bucket, hitting every peg in between.

You’ll get a few stages and challenges for free, but you’ll have to cough up £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39 for the full expansion pack, via an in-app purchase.

Unfortunately, while that all sounds wonderful, the update has been plagued with problems for some gamers.

The comments on iTunes are filled with people moaning that the game no longer loads, following the update, on the iPhone 4 and other such devices. The game crashes after the PopCap Games logo on our fourth-generation iPod touch.

If that doesn't put you off, Peggle is available now for 59p / 99c.

Update (October 6th): PopCap has put out a another update for the game which thankfully fixes the game-crashing glitch.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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