[Update] Original Peggle removed from New Zealand App Store as EA tests free-to-play remake

Pachinkoh no (Updated with EA's response)

[Update] Original Peggle removed from New Zealand App Store as EA tests free-to-play remake
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Updated on May 23rd, at 14:16: A spokesperson for EA has told Kotaku that the current free-to-play version of Peggle available in Singapore is strictly a test.

"We're exploring different ways to extend the fun of Peggle on mobile, and we're currently testing a free-to-play version of the game in Singapore and New Zealand."

"It's important to note that we haven't finalized gameplay features or business model yet, and this free-to-play version of Peggle is part of a series of tests we'll be conducting in specific markets."

"We often test these experiences first to see if they resonate with our players."

Original story follows...

Electronic Arts has soft-launched a new free-to-play version of classic PopCap time-waster Peggle in the New Zealand App Store.

And, what's more, it has removed access to the original Gold Award-winning game, and its iPad edition, from that shop.

The new game follows the rules of the original, so the idea is to fire a bouncy metallic ball into a sea of coloured pegs, and hopefully hit all the orange ones.

It's more luck than science, but can also be hopelessly addictive.

This new game is played in portrait, drops the level select menu in favour of a map like in Candy Crush Saga, and adds new features like weird eggs that cause baby phoenixes (phoenixi?) to hatch.

But it also adds grim free to play features like boosts, purchasable power-ups (like one that that make your ball explode on impact), the ability to buy more balls when you run out, and an pay-or-wait energy system.

If you have access to the New Zealand App Store, you can try this new version for yourself, here.


We don't know exactly what Electronic Arts plans to do with this new version, but we recommend you download and back-up the original game in case Peggle classic is soon removed from App Stores worldwide.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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