N-Gage gets its first combat racer

Well, Payload is better late than never

N-Gage gets its first combat racer
| Payload

Yes, there are still new games coming out for the N-Gage, despite Nokia being well underway with its ambitious next generation gaming plans for 2007. More news on those soon.

In the meantime, Payload is the current N-Gage's first (and we daresay last) combat racing game, combining high-speed action and shooty thrills in one 3D package.

The game involves transporting mined crystals – your 'payload' – through hostile enemy territory, battling rival couriers and dodgy thieves en-route.

There are ten huge 3D worlds to race through, taking in 30 races, 15 different weapons to kit yourself out with, and 11 music tracks.

There's also 11 vehicles to choose from, and the option to race up to three friends via Bluetooth, in races that you customise to rig the odds in your favour provide variety.

Best of all? It costs just £9.99 from the online N-Gage Game Shop. It's a shame more games weren't sold at this price earlier in the N-Gage's lifetime, but if you're still playing yours, Payload is well worth a look.