Path to Nowhere's Dreamy Bubble event tasks players with solving a mystery in DisCity

Path to Nowhere's Dreamy Bubble event tasks players with solving a mystery in DisCity
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After an exciting update that launched last month, AISNO Games is back with another one for its tactical tower defence, Path to Nowhere. This one comes just in time as it brings the holiday cheer to DisCity as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Players can expect to find numerous login rewards, event quests, and a sneak peek at content coming next year.

In Path to Nowhere’s latest update, players will be able to participate in loads of minigames and event quests until January 3rd, 2023. As they progress through the event, they will uncover secrets about a mysterious crime that has taken place in DisCity. The ultimate goal is to find the truth behind it all.

Rewards will be similar to most of the events from the past, giving players a chance to earn the rare and highly sought-after Hypercubes. In addition to this, everyone can also obtain a special Summer Dream avatar frame and the event-exclusive A Rank.

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The roster of Sinners is also being expanded with the introduction of new hero characters with this update. These include the fashionable and chic Umbra S Rank Serpent and the extremely adorable and cute Fury A Rank Mess. Both these heroes have been voiced by Christina Costello, who’s better known for playing the role of Collei in Genshin Impact.

Players can obtain these new Sinners through a limited-time rate-up banner. A third surprise hero is Mess, a master craftswoman that smashes opponents with her hammer. She doesn’t haven’t any rate-ups and can be obtained for free by simply participating in events.

To top it off, the Supply Office will feature a bunch of new attire that can be purchased. This includes swimsuit costumes for the master of stratagem, Eirene, and the determined Roulecca.

Enjoy all these new additions by downloading Path to Nowhere for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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