Path of Titans' closed beta test begins next week for iOS, Android, PC and console

Path of Titans' closed beta test begins next week for iOS, Android, PC and console

Alderan Games recently revealed a new game they were working on, Path of Titans. It fulfils everybody’s childhood dream of wanting to be a dinosaur as it allows players to experience the entire life-cycle of these creatures, from hatching from an egg to becoming a massive dinosaur, the size of today’s trees. With full cross-platform integration, players will be able to play with their friends regardless of the platform they are on, whether that's PC, console, or mobile.

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Eager players and testers can get their hands on Path of Titans a little sooner than the rest as the developers are hosting a closed beta test, which is taking place on July 27th. During this period, players will be able to experience whatever the game has to offer, for which they will provide feedback so the team can smash all the bugs and make the game as immersive and as perfect as possible. Check out Path of Titan’s official website for more details.

Speaking about the CBT and new additions to the game, Matthew Cassells, co-founder of Alderon Games, said: “The Founder’s Edition closed beta launch is an exciting milestone for us and the Path of Titans community. The addition of console platforms will bring a lot of new players into the game, and the addition of T-Rex hatchlings will make things very interesting around Panjura.”

Path of Titans offers everyone 26 dino species to choose from so that everybody can become their favourite dinosaur. The first map that will be available during the CBT is Panjura and it is a massive 8x8km world. And with over 200 players in-game, these dinosaurs will have a better social life than most of us. Some will be friends, some will be foes, but there will always be something to do together on Path of Titans.

Get ready for the closed beta test by downloading Path of Titans now for free.

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