Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play dungeon crawler, is heading to mobile

But only if it's good

Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play dungeon crawler, is heading to mobile

A mobile version of Path of Exile was announced over the weekend, with an almost belated April Fools-like trailer, leaving people wondering if it was actually real or just a bit of fun satire. In a recent interview with GameSpot, Grinding Gear Games founder Chris Wilson has clarified the company's position.

His response was pretty straightforward, stating they're looking to bring the game to mobile, but if it turns out to be bad, they won't bother. He went on to add that the game is currently in good shape but the team is currently deciding whether they want to present the game as its own entity or as a straight port.

Though there's gameplay footage in the trailer, which can be seen below, it's not entirely surprising that people weren't entirely sold on the seriousness of the trailer. It's littered with playful jibes at the mobile gaming industry, taking shots almost definitely aimed at Blizzard for outsourcing Diablo Immortal and describing one of their staff as the 'mobile fall guy'.

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But, the game is actually in the works and Grinding Gear Games is known for creating one of the most cost-friendly free-to-play games on the market. Many of the micro-transactions are cosmetic or paying for additional character slots.

It could become a good competitor to Diablo Immortal, depending on when both games end up being released. They're both centred around a similar concept and have pre-existing, dedicated fan bases. But, working in Path of Exile's favour is a good public image for their current free-to-play model. We don't know yet the approach Diablo Immortal will take, which might be a deciding factor, particularly since the PC version of the game is a premium title.

Path of Exile may or may not be released for mobile at some point in the future, depending on if it's good. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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