Have a crack at world's very first free-to-play Pac-Man title on Google Play

Gobble like you're winning

Have a crack at world's very first free-to-play Pac-Man title on Google Play

Last month, gaming giant EA announced that it will bring the world's very first freemium Tetris title to the App Store and Google Play sometime this spring.

Today, we learnt that Namco has transformed another classic arcade game from yesteryear into an Android-exclusive free-to-play title.

That's right, Pac-Man has been released as a freemium game for the very first time since it debuted in arcades all the way back in 1980.

Naturally, the gameplay is the same as it's always been. Basically, you have to gobble up pellets while avoiding pesky ghosts.

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Before you ask, this particular version of Namco's classic title is called Pac-Man + Tournaments.

It features a brand-new (and exclusive) Tournament mode, which is packed full of mazes that are updated on a weekly basis.

These mazes all contain performance-based score multipliers, and ten times the number of bonus items found in traditional Pac-Man games.

You'll need those multipliers, too. Namco plans to reward high-scoring gamers with Pac-Man-themed gadgets and merchandise, as well as other real-world prizes.

You can grab Pac-Man + Tournaments from Google Play right now for, well, free.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
Having flirted with a career in Forensic Science, Anthony left university to pursue other interests. These mostly consisted of video games which he has been fond of ever since popping Super Mario World into his SNES. Numerous gaming platforms and endless hours of button bashing have passed following that moment, with iOS taking the crown as his current favourite.