Overrogue, KEMCO's upcoming roguelite card battler, is now open for pre-registration on Google Play

Overrogue, KEMCO's upcoming roguelite card battler, is now open for pre-registration on Google Play
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KEMCO has announced that the pre-registration event for Overrogue is now open, letting players sign up to experience the upcoming roguelite card battler. Featuring action-packed labyrinths and pixel art aesthetics, the mobile title tasks players with becoming the next Overlord JRPG-style.

Overrogue not only boasts over 300 types of cards for players to tinker around with, but it also offers 150 types of treasure to collect. Players will have to prove their worth in the underworld's Selection Battle, where creatures decide on the next Overlord. You'll need to clear dungeons, survive labyrinths, and collect crystals to prove that you're the best of the best.

With the game's roguelite style, you can expect that no two runs will be the same. There are up to five labyrinth themes to experience depending on card genres, as well as more and more cards that buff up your deck each time you return to the labyrinths.

Card battles are turn-based, and based on the screenshots online, it does seem like there will be familiar elements from games like Slay the Spire and Indies' Lies here. Cards also have a wide variety of skills and attributes that players can mix and match to build the ultimate deck. With an impressive number of cards available to players, it appears that experimenting with different combinations and attack styles can be an absolute thrill in itself.

If you're curious about the game and just can't wait to give it a go, you can go ahead and sign up for the pre-registration event over on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a premium title with no official price tag as of yet.

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